Ejanul's Message, 19 September 2013

It was wonderful to have AG Peter Harris and Phil Wheatley from RC of Brighton North as our guest speakers last week.

Peter gave a very passionate talk to promote the District Conference being held in the Gold Coast and the International Convention which is planned Sydney 2014. I personally request you all to make an effort to participate in these great events. Phillip Caruso is handling these events so please advise him if you are attending. He is also a font of information if you have any questions.

Phil Wheatley talked on a very important issue ‘Adolescent Mental Health - Prevention of Youth Suicide’. Youth Suicidal Awareness Program is a new initiative in our district to reduce the youth suicidal rate by supporting different community programs and initiatives. About 750,000 youths in Australia are suffering from mental health illness and youths aged between 20-24 years are particularly vulnerable to suicide for many reasons which include bullying at school, drugs, breakup of parents etc. I amd working with our community directors Jama Farah and William Kelley to remain in contact with the VIC police and the City Council in an endeavour to participate in different community programs to help our youth, the future of our nation.

George Kerry (Jnr) and I attended the 10th anniversary of Rotary Club of Yarraville on 10th September. It was one of the best Rotary events I have attended and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We met many Rotarians and friends including DGE Murray Verso, AG Peter Harris and our cluster clubs’ presidents. Dave O’Neil entertained the guests. It was also a fund raising event for a 5 year old boy Owen, who has severe cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment, epilepsy and is in a wheelchair. The Rotary Club of Yarraville was raising the funds towards an electronic communication device for him. Owen will start at Footscray Primary School next year. I wish him all the luck on his journey.

Darcy and his friend Deborah, Elizabeth, Jama and myself attended another great event, the Ethiopian New Year Celebration Dinner, on 14th September in Ardeer. It was a huge night for the Ethiopian community and there were at least 500 people in attendance. Many special guests and community leaders participated in the celebration. We enjoyed the night including the food, music, dance, fashion parade, speeches etc. Let me highlight a few facts about Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country in East Africa where coffee originated and is one of the oldest nations on Earth. Ethiopia is one of the few nations to have its own alphabet and script in the world. Ethiopians are friendly and very sociable.

Please enjoy your week, stay connected and work hard and let's together reshape our society, our world better.