Ejanul's Message, 19 December 2013

I would like to thank everyone who came on 12th December, for our regular lunch meeting and participated in the Club Vision forum where we discussed the future direction/theme/vision for our club. Thank you all for your contribution, which will help the club to prioritise its participation in different projects/activities etc., to achieve the goal in 2016 and beyond. It was nice to hear from PDG Lawrence Atley during the forum and he advised us to work on three things: Membership, Attendance and Friendship, which are very important for any club to survive. My sincere thanks to PDG John Davis for organising and facilitating the session. It was my pleasure to welcome Professor Zdravko A. Kamenov, President, RC of Sofia Tangra, Bulgaria and Mrs Kamenov to our club. It was nice to hear from him briefly about the Rotary family and its contribution in making peace in the World.

On 12th December I participated in Victoria Police Multi-faith Council 2013, in Melbourne where I met many people from different religious and cultural backgrounds and shared/exchanged different ideas. It was great to hear from the guest speakers Ms Danielle Charak and Dr. Berhan Ahmed. Danielle is from a Jewish background and she shared her story about how she was raised by a non-Jewish family when she was a child etc, which was very touching. Berhan talked about Dr. Nelson Mandela and how he inspired the African and World communities by promoting trust, forgiveness, mutual respect, peace etc. It was also nice to hear from the Chief Commissioner Mr. Ken D. Lay who talked about our beautiful Victorian communities where people from more than 100 different ethnic/religious background live together. He also mentioned, there are challenges for the police and communities, however if we all work together and help each other, we can overcome those challenges. It was great to talk to the Chief Commissioner Mr. Ken D. Lay and share about RC of Footscray and its contribution in the Police Mentoring Program and different community works in Footscray. It was also great to meet Senior Constable Ash Dixit, Community Liaison Officer, Victoria Police, Maribyrnong during the event who invited me to the event.

Next week, 19th December will be our last club meeting for this year and I will not be able to come on that day. I apologise to Agatha for not being able to be present during her last presentation at our club. I wish her good luck for her presentation. We all witnessed her progress over the year and we are proud of her achievements. On behalf of Rotary Club of Footscray, I wish her good luck for her future endeavours. I am sure she will be our true ambassador and will make her parents, community and all Rotarians proud.

Please note, January 9th will be our joint meeting with RC of West Footscray and Sunshine; the venue etc., will be informed to you all soon. Also, on 26th January our club will participate in Australian day celebration with the city council in Coulson Gardens, Footscray. Des will be playing songs with his band on that day. This is a great opportunity to promote our club activities to the local communities and to our prospective members. Please try to participate in the event and send your confirmation to Rodney or Fred.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy NEW YEAR 2014. Please enjoy the festive season and stay connected & safe.

Regards, Ejanul