Graeme's message, 16 October 2014

Dear Rotarians and friends,

The Board met on Monday and in keeping with Vocational month, we discussed a potential project in this avenue of service.

Kathy Kirby who works with mentoring asylum seekers and refugees has identified a need amongst disadvantaged and isolated secondary school children in obtaining part time work. The program proposed will involve pairing disadvantaged students with a more senior student mentor and a Rotary Business Coach.

The specific aims of the program are:

  • to develop supportive relationships and networks between groups of students , the local school and the local community including Rotary 
  • to increase the possibility of obtaining part-time employment for participants.

This is a worthy project and the Board is supportive of the initiative and if you are interested in being involved let me know. Further details included later in this Bulletin. Of interest, two of Kathy’s daughters have benefited from a Rotary Student Exchange to Germany.

The Bike Shed has been extremely successful and we discussed the future of this initiative. At present the space in Mills Close will continue to be available until the end of January 2015 and possibly beyond. A working party will get together to clarify administrative matters, roistering of Rotarians and financial support for parts and tools. The reality is that the project is not sustainable unless there is greater support from Rotarians. I encourage members to agree being included in a roster to support the project. This doesn’t involve working on bikes but providing a Rotary presence, doing some paper work for the bikes and making a “cuppa” for the volunteers.

An important Cluster function is being held on Wednesday 5th November and NO meeting will be held on Thursday 6th. I encourage you to attend this combined meeting and bring a friend and/or a potential member. The evening will be held at St Bernard's College in Niddrie and further details are included in this Bulletin.

Joy and I are looking forward to hosting a “BBQ in the Bush” at our place in Fryerstown on Saturday 25th October. We hope you can join us.