Ejanul's Message, 27 March 2014

My sincere thanks to vice president PDG John Davis for working as acting president last week and for running our weekly meeting. Hope our guest speaker Marilyn King, 2013 Citizen of the Year, City of Maribyrnong had a wonderful time and enjoyed her visit to our club. She has been doing some great work for the community and I wish her good luck.

On Thursday evening (20.03.2014) I represented our club at the Citizenship Ceremony at the City of Maribyrnong with George Kerry (Jnr) and Fred Maddern. Mayor Cr Grant Miles gave the certificates to nearly 80 new citizens, in two different sessions, who joined our great Australian family and pledged their loyalty to Australia and its people. I gave a speech during the ceremony and welcomed the new citizens by handing out the trees and Australian flags. I talked to few new citizens after the ceremony and they shared their journey and experience. It was good to talk to them and share my own journey as well.

I met Sergeant Ian Brown and Francine Riches, 2014 Citizen of the Year - City of Maribyrnong. Sergeant Brown was awarded the ‘Police Officer of the Year-2013’ award from Victoria Police for his outstanding service to the Victorian community and for his sustained contributions to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. He has made great contributions to the Footscray community during his nearly 50 years of service with Victoria Police and will retire sometime this year. He is planning to join our club after his retirement.

Francine Riches is a recognized artist, sculptor and illustrator who has been doing some great work for the community especially for indigenous people. She has created cultural connections between the Indigenous and non Indigenous community, and has played an integral role in developing and implementing Reconciliation Action Plans at Western Region Health Centre and Maribyrnong Secondary College. She has developed and supported the artistic talents of local Indigenous people; established a national program to support young Indigenous people by connecting them with chaplaincy from their own community, and provides pastoral care. Francine, as well, is considering joining Rotary and will visit our club sometime soon. I will be honoured to welcome Ian and Francine to our club in near future.

Please note we will have the Community Award Nights on 1st of May and I invite you, your partners and friends in advance to join me on that special evening.

Please enjoy your week, stay connected and let's together reshape our society, our world better.

Regards, Ejanul