Ejanul's message, 24 April 2014

Hope you all celebrated a wonderful Easter and Easter holidays along with your family and friends. We also had an excellent time with family and friends. We had a few visitors on Saturday, Sunday and on Tuesday; we spent a wonderful time with them. Ryan also enjoyed his school term break and could play and share his games with many kids.

It was an honour to welcome John O’Shea from the River Nile Learning Centre as our guest speaker on 17th April. He gave a brief talk about the centre’s activities. The centre provides free tutoring, childcare facilities and counselling to new immigrants and asylum seekers, especially from African origin. It provides greater educational opportunities etc. for the immigrants as they face language, social and financial problems when they are new to Australia. I congratulate John and the River Nile Learning Centre for the great work they have been doing for the community and wish them continued success.

On Thursday evening (17.04.2014) I represented our club at a Citizenship Ceremony at the City of Maribyrnong with Fred Maddern. George Kerry (Jnr) could not attend the ceremony this time. Deputy Mayor Cr Nam Quach was the acting mayor on that night and gave the certificates to nearly 80 new citizens, in two different sessions, who joined our great Australian family and pledged their loyalty to Australia and its people. I gave a speech during the ceremony and welcomed the new citizens by handing out the trees and Australian flags. I talked to few new citizens after the ceremony and they shared their journey and experi- ences. It was good to talk to them and share my own journey as well.

Also note that, we will have the Community Award Night on 1st of May and I invite you all, your partners and friends to join me on that special night.

Please enjoy your week, stay connected and let's together reshape our society, our world better.