Ejanul's message, 12 June 2014

G’day all. Still only 3 months from spring! The reason I state this is because I’m not too keen on winter, or the ‘w’ word as I call it. So omitting it from my vocab and leaping ahead to spring, seems to psychologically work for me!!!

President Ejanul had a fantastic time at the Rotary convention in Sydney and will fill us in on the details next week. He has forwarded on some photographs, and I have included one on this page. The rest shall included in next week’s Bulletin.

It has been a mixed-bag of a week for the McGrath family. We had new carpet laid in our bedroom (long overdue) and I am thoroughly enjoying the aroma of newness (I won’t say ‘smell’!) emanating from the bedroom. The carpet layer was a real character, who would have been 70 if he was a day. He loves his job but did mention that his old bones find it hard to get up and down constantly. He then went on to tell me about his younger days when he was a stockman in Queensland. 

I paid a visit to the doctor today because yesterday I was barely able to walk and I’m concerned that perhaps some of the hardware in my leg has moved. Probably not, but it did move last time round and I just want to be sure. I’ll be going for xrays tomorrow.

Our animals are all well. Woody, one of the horses, adores the dry-food, particularly at the moment, because we have added molasses to the mixture. He almost knocked me over yesterday in his great desire to taste and relish the mixture.

Please remember that this Saturday, our first Community Bike Shed project is underway. More information is in this week’s Bulletin. Don’t forget the District Changeover and our Club’s changeover are coming up exceedingly fast. Once again, check out the details in this week’s Bulletin and secure your booking.