Ejanul's message, 26 June 2014

The week has been very wet, foggy and cold in Woodend. It suits me though, as most of the days I could stay indoors and correct the exam papers for my students. Occasionally, I go outside with a hot glass of tea and stand on the veranda to enjoy the rain, the birds and the smell of winter. However, I can only stay outside for few minutes as it’s been really windy and cold, but it does help me to regain my concentration for next lot marking!

Please note, our club’s annual president’s changeover will be held on 3rd July at 7pm at Pound Café, Whitten Oval, Barkly Street, Footscray and I am looking forward to join you all in congratulating and welcoming our incoming president Graeme Thompson. Trust me, it will be a wonderful night full of fun, fellowship and celebration, so please be there. 

It was good to hear from our guest speaker Renee Killen about “Leukaemia and the Lymphoma Foundation” last week. Their support to the community especially to cancer patients and their relatives is an invaluable service. They provide educational and emotional support to the patients including transport and accommodation. They also participate in clinical trials and research for cancer. I congratulate Renee’s organisation and the team for their great work and hope they are able to continue with this worthwhile service.

On Saturday (21.6.2014) our club officially inaugurated the Community Bike Shed at Mills Cross, Footscray. I want to thank everyone who came and gave their support for this project. Our Club secretary and past president Rodney Johnston has already sent you the details of this project. Please, your giving of time and support will help many people in our community. Feel free to contact Rodney for further details.

On Thursday evening (19.6.2014) I represented our club at the Citizenship Ceremony at the City of Maribyrnong with George Kerry (Jnr). Mayor Cr Grant Miles gave the certificates to nearly 80 new citizens, in two different sessions. Our new citizens have joined our great Australian family and have pledged their loyalty to Australia and its people. I welcomed the new citizens by handing out the trees and the Australian flags. I talked to a few new citizens after the ceremony and they shared their journey and experiences. It was good to talk to them and share my own journey as well.

The third and final toilet block for 2013-14 Hobson's Bay Cluster Project is completed which was being built in Chalkraghunath Baludier Primary School, Jaipurhat, Bangladesh. Under the Cluster project, three toilet blocks have been built this year, which will help over 1000 primary school children and local residents in improved health and sanitation. I would like to thank all the ADGs, presidents and members of the cluster clubs for working together on this project throughout the past four years.

Please stay connected and let's together reshape our society, our world better.