Ejanul's message, 5 June 2014

Wow! Only three months until spring!!! Time is galloping along at its usual frenetic pace.

President Ejanul, Anar and their son Ryan are attending the Rotary World Conference in Sydney. I’m sure they’ll have a unique Rotary experience as well as enjoying the delights Sydney has to offer.

This week has been hectic in the McGrath household. Peter required more surgery for his kidney stones (this is the 2nd op) and whilst I’m writing, he is in the Waverly Private Hospital. I shall be picking him up at 5:00pm today. Having spoken to him after the operation, he’s in great spirits and is much relieved that the two stents are now removed and the scans indicate there are no more stones.

I had my second round of surgery on my foot and leg in March of this year because one of the fractures did not knit, I had also had a blood clot and an infection inside the leg. All has been fixed and my right leg is now absolutely cluttered with hardware! Currently, I am wearing a cam-boot and will continue to do so for another 4 weeks. I am also doing hydrotherapy daily. The foot is slowly improving, however, I certainly know it exists!!

Our animals are all doing very well. We are now the proud owners of eight dogs (five of whom were abandoned in our area) and we have two horses. I lost my wonderful palomino, Barney, to snake-bite in the summer. A neighbour also lost her dog due to snake-bite. Because our area is now zoned urban-growth, houses are mushrooming around us and the new railway is also in the process of being built, thus uprooting many creatures, including of course, snakes.

June 6th marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, an important date in the history of World War II. As a tribute, I have included a small article about this decisive battle. 

This month is Fellowships Month. I have included an article about Fellowships in this week’s Bulletin. I consider it an excellent way of pursuing your hobbies with like-minded people. Peter McGrath is a member of the Flying Rotarians and has met many Rotarians and attended get togethers with other Rotarians who are also pilots. 

We are coming to the end of the Rotary year and our hard working Secretary, Rodney Johnstone, has e-mailed members regarding the Club Directory. If you have any changes or wish to update your photograph, please respond as early as possible to Rodney’s email. I certainly need to do this, so I’d better make sure that I do it pronto!

Don’t forget to pencil the 3rd of July in your diary as a ‘must attend’ event. Our “Changeover” evening promises to be an evening of friendship coupled with spiels about President Ejanul’s excellent year as our leader, and, of course, the welcoming of our new president, Graeme Thompson. Further details are in this week’s Bulletin. 

A reminder, that the Bulletin is only as good as its items. If you have anything at all that you would like to include in our Bulletin, please either email or post it to me. I really love getting your contributions. 

Have a great week, regards Diane.