Graeme's message, 28 August 2014

As Membership Month continues I recall how in 2012 our club acknowledged the long standing membership of 9 of our members. Each of these members had 40 or more years of membership - an amazing commitment to Rotary.

Soon after, we had a presentation from Tam Nguyen, Manager of the Office of Research at Western Health discussing the need for support for research. President Maria Silber decided to mark the long service of these members by offering an award for the best paper concerning “Aged Care” during Western Health Research Week.

The first award in 2013 was to Katherine Kirby, for her presentation concerning incontinence. We welcomed Kathy as our speaker and her project supervisor Associate Professor Deb Kerr to our meeting last Thursday.

Kathy’s presentation highlighted the problem of incontinence as it affects people admitted to hospital for other conditions. The negative psycho-social effect and need for nursing home admission for people who developed incontinence during hospitalization are harsh realities. Direct outcomes of this study are the need to improve education of nursing staff on risk assessment for incontinence of patients admitted to hospital the development of management guidelines for incontinence.

This project highlights the value of clinical research addressing important practical issues and our club can be proud of the support we have provided to reward such projects. The club has committed to continue the award for a further 2 years.

In recent weeks we have been pleased to see members return after a period of absence. Des Stayches returned a couple of weeks ago and last week we were pleased to see John McDonald Smith after a period of hospitalisation.

This coming weekend I will be attending a “Club Survival Workshop” focusing on membership.

Have a good week.