Graeme's message, 4 September 2014

September is “New Generations Month” (NGE) and we are planning a special day on the 25th when we will reflect on the activities that our club supports in this “avenue of service”.

The most obvious NGE activity is our longstanding support for Exchange Students. Currently we are hosting Alfonso from Brazil. In my short time in the club we have hosted students from Finland, Norway, Germany and Brazil. These exchanges provide a wonderful opportunity for young people to expand their horizons in life, language, friendship and education. We are fortunate to have these young people part of our club for the year of their exchange.

Last Saturday I attended a “Club Survival Workshop” conducted by the District Membership Committee. The two main themes of the workshop were membership and public image and the two go hand in hand. Rotary has not been good in promoting itself, and a more informed community would make it clear that Rotary is not just an organization that conducts sausage sizzles but does wonderful things locally and internationally. If we promote the idea that Rotary “Joins Leaders who Exchange Ideas and Take Action”, members of the community will be attracted and hopefully join.

The reality of optimal promotion in 2014 is the need for effective communication by social media. Ideas on optimal content for websites, bulletins and websites were presented, highlighting that Facebook and Twitter have become powerful tools of communication. Unless we embrace these media our message will not be heard. 

Our club has recently been making greater use of Facebook and it has been surprising to see comments and “likes” from many not associated with Rotary. If you have a Facebook account please “like” our club as this will help disseminate our news. Are there any volunteers to establish a Twitter account?

Spring is here and the wattles, jonquils and daffodils are flowering. The onset of spring also means that the football finals are here and the Spring Racing Carnival is just around the corner. Some of our club members will be looking forward to the finals (no doubt John Granger is hoping for another Swans flag) whilst Bulldog supporters (me included) live in hope!