Angus' Message, 12 November 2015

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Well the spring racing carnival is over and time and tide are now heading towards Christmas and, of course, our Rotary Western Health Research Week dinner on the 19th November next.

It’s a goer, but by the skin of its teeth, so a big thank you goes to all our members who have supported this event by enrol- ling. As you are aware, Past President Graeme Thompson, has put in so much time in making this happen. It would have been disappointing of our co-partners had pulled the pin as they were contemplating. I don’t think another member of our club could make this event happen as Graeme has the relationship and connections with Western Health.

Sadly, the other big news item last week was the theft and torching of our member, Enzo Ceverolo’s prized Ferrari. My thoughts go out to Enzo, as he has put so much time and money into restoring his treasure. Senseless vandalism is a trademark of this society and the consequences are far too lenient. When you look at countries like Singapore, the laws there teaches people to respect property or pay the price for not doing so.

I would like to thank our Bulletin editor, Diane, for helping me out with last week’s edition. I was moving house and time was scarce. I am, and the Club is blessed to have her and her talents. Thanks again, Diane.

Last week’s speaker was none other than our own Past President, Ted Logan, who helped by his son, Malcolm, gave us a great evening of poetry that goes all the way back to his days in Erica and the timber sawing and milling days. I have a copy of his poems on the 1956 Olympic Games which is attached to this Bulletin. It never ceases to amaze me of the talent in our club. Thank you Ted for your great poems.

Finally, I received an email from Mark Stephens of the Bendigo Conference Committee asking of there are members who are interested in next year’s conference to register before 30th November to receive the discount. It is a saving of $75.00

Please advise me if you plan to attend.

Enjoy the weekend ahead! Best wishes,

Angus Scott-Walker