Angus' Message, 15 October 2015

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Another busy week, not only at work but with my Rotary agenda. There was an Old saying someone gave me years ago and it has stuck :

‘It’s the unspoken word that causes the problem.”

It’s a sad thing to be putting words in the form of an opinion in writing because you can’t take them back. But a commitment is a commitment and support is support. A consistent number of our members are very good at not turning up to our meetings. I know all about excuses and ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I don’t have time’. Achieving is all about getting your priorities in order. The reason most things don’t get done is they are not a priority in that person’s life.

I know members travel, have holidays, get sick, spend time recuperating from illnesses, have unforeseen circumstances and their absence is quite understandable. I’m aware that our older members can’t make evening meetings, but a lot of members just decide to do something else or they are not interested in the guest speaker’s topic. But coming to a Rotary meeting gives your life a pause, even an opportunity to be informed.

Members go to a lot of time behind the scenes to source guest speakers and what is blatantly obvious is that attendance at our meeting is declining. We have guest speakers talking to a half-full room with empty chairs and tables staring at them.

This is a great club! It needs your support and presence at our meetings; your attendance is a silent way of saying to all members that their hard work is appreciated.

On another more positive note, our cluster group has been working hard with their Youth Mental Health Forum next Tuesday, 20th October (6:45 - 9:30pm). I urge you to support this group initiative. One of our members in particular, Lesley McCarthy, has put a lot of effort to make it a success. We also must not forget our Past President Graeme, for the work he has put into making our own Research Week Dinner a success, so again I say, support it. On Thursday, 22nd October, we have our very own Frederik from Denmark telling us about his life story.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday evening when we will hear about the history of a great river in our own backyard and a boat that Peter Somerville fell in love with, ‘The Blackbird’.

Your President,