Angus' Message, 17 September 2015

Dear Rotarians & Friends,

And another week has flown by since my last bulletin.

We now have a new Prime Minister and the world is still at war with its hu- man earthlings, with the way they are plundering the planet so efficiently and polluting it, yet Rotary International is still there to help wherever it can if it has the resources.

Back home one of the big issues is mental health and ice addiction. Our Gateway Cluster is working towards a discussion – information evening on the subject on 20th October next. Speakers are yet to be finalized but it will make for a very informative evening.

If you read last Sunday’s Age there was a very interesting article on the war against drugs. John Hari says it can’t be won and I tend to agree with him. Back in 2001 Portugal decriminalised all drugs, the logic is that in fighting this war, society bears a huge financial burden, namely the existence of criminal elements who profit from it, people who experience the crime perpetuated by the addict the cost of policing and apprehending drug dealers and the legal cost of our court systems and finally the cost of jailing those convicted of their crime. If the State controlled the quality of the drugs and their distribution, it would result in less death from contaminated concoctions. It is a hard concept to fathom but prohibition of alcohol did not work in America. Of course it won’t prevent addictions from occurring as is the case with alcohol and cigarettes. Let’s see what eventuates at our public discussion meeting.

Our Rotary Research Week Dinner fundraising is going to plan and invitations are being sent to those people we think would be interested in this very important subject – Diabetes. If you know anyone you think could be interested in a great informative evening, the presentation is free but the dinner afterwards will require your financial contribution to assist with our fundraising efforts.

We have a very interesting speaker this Thursday evening. If you like travel and travel adventures this one is bound to fascinate you. Peter Rodgers and his partner Vanya with some friends roughed it through China, Russia and Siberia. I don’t think it would be possible in today’s uncertain times. Invite your friends and make it a great evening of friendships.

Finally we must thank Rodney for the effort he puts towards the Bike Shed Project. He not only is a gift to the kids and refugees who become the proud owners of a two wheeled means of transport, he is really a gift to the world.

Regards from,

Angus Scott-Walker