Angus' Message, 19 November 2015

Dear Rotarians and Friends

It is an often quoted saying, “We live in interesting Ttmes” and to that saying I could also add that “We live in more dangerous times”.

The Paris massacres are testimony to that saying and you have to ask who is responsible for all this bloodshed that has come back to make life and safety more relevant in our lives.

I have my own opinions on the recent turning point in world history that has created the current situation but will leave those opinions to our historians to voice.

Our Rotary Western Health Research Week Dinner is all set to go this Thursday and I look forward to hearing the key note speaker Professor Jeremy Oaks talk about outcomes for mother and child and its relevance to countries like Timor Leste.

Having spent some time in the Soloman Islands, I am only too aware of the environment in Third World Countries and why Rotary is so active in these areas of the world trying to improve Health and amenities.

I would like to acknowledge the work of not only our own Graeme Thompson but Silvana Manevski from Western Health who has, behind the scenes, been in charge of all the Organisational requirements like catering, publicity, ticket sales, programs and organising the committee members. She is a great asset to Western Health and I thank her.

On another matter, our goals for a Polio free world have suffered a bit of a setback in Pakistan with the influence of the Taliban restricting immunisation. We can only wait and see where this interference with ROTARY’S goals leads to.

I am looking forward to enjoying the company of my fellow Rotarians and their partners in welcoming Rotary International President elect, John Germ and Judy, at Etihad Stadium on Wednesday evening.

There never is enough time in life if you’re a Rotarian.


Angus Scott-Walker