Angus' Message, 22 October 2015

Greetings Rotarians and Friends,

We were treated to a special treat at last Thursday’s meeting when Peter Sommerville of “Blackbird” fame educated us about the Maribynong Rver and its history since Melbourne was first settled.

Peter spoke about all the bridges and crossings that have been notes... just straight from his storehouse of knowledge. We wished him well for his 80th Birthday last Saturday.

So the week ploughs on, as with our youth Ice and Mental Forum, which will be held on Tuesday evening. This is an initiative of The Gateway Cluster and my fellow Presidents have to be acknowledged for the work they have put in, not to forget our Assistant Governor of Gateway East, Colin Styles. Given the time frame they all worked to, it should be a great evening.

On the subject of ICE I was given a poem which is attached to this Bulletin. It really sums up the reality of this horrendous drug!

The other better news item is the article in Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald, “One last push needed to wipe out the misery of polio”. It’s a very interesting article on how a Rotary Member’s initiative back in 1979 to launch the project is now coming to a successful conclusion.

At this Thursday’s lunchtime meeting we will be enjoying our exchange student Frederik’s presentation on his homeland-Denmark.

I look forward to your company.

Your President,

Angus Scott-Walker