Angus' Message, 24 September 2015

Dear Rotarians and friends,

For those of you with smart phones, you already know I was very disappointed with the attendance at last week’s meeting. I am not directing my disappointment at our older members who find driving at night time challenging and dangerous. So we want you to stay at home and be around for our lunchtime meeting which will be this Thursday.

As you are aware we had a great meeting last Thursday and were given a firsthand account of Peter and Vanya’s travels through Russia and Siberia with slides included. The meeting went overtime to 9.30pm and I don’t think anyone left early.

We have submitted our application for a District Grant for our Youth Diabetes Project and have to acknowledge our past President Graeme Thompson for the effort he has put in, I am forever grateful for Graeme’s support and assistance in my roll. He is without a doubt a gift to me and the world.

I attended Flemington Rotary’s breakfast meeting on Wednesday and had the pleasure of catching up with a property developer from the past. I also caught up with Colin Styles, the Assistant Governor of Gateway East. Colin was a guest at our Club and he passed on some documentation on membership which will be most useful.

As you may be aware we will be inducting Kathy Krawec as the first new member under my Presidency, but nearly 3 months have passed since the 1st July and this is not good enough. We will be getting Vic Uni as a corporate member shortly but we need to be focussed on our goal. We need more members prior to the end of October to be eligible for the $1000 membership bonus.

So don’t just read this bulletin and do nothing, think of one person you think would benefit the club and you’d enjoy their friendship.

Wishing you a great week ahead.


Angus Scott-Walker