Angus' Message, 13 August 2015

Dear Rotarians & Friends,

We had our first evening meeting last Thursday and it was a Club Forum night. I believe all who attended had a great evening of fellowship together with an evening full of ideas and opinions on how we can become an even more successful club. This Saturday is an opportunity for all our members to attend the District 9800 Success Seminar held at Trinity Grammar in Kew from 9.30am until 12.30pm, followed by a light lunch. Bookings can be made at I encourage you all to register. There will be an inspirational speaker discussing ideas on how we can be better at what we do and enjoy our Rotary Membership more.

With regards to our Forum, we are hoping to hold a golf day next year at a different and far better golf course than previously and on a day more suited to all. If it all goes according to plan it will be a winner for Club Fund Raising. Also on Club Fund Raising we are working on a great major prize for our Christmas raffle.

As for members under repair - I have been in touch with Alan Warrener who is still waiting for his internal infection to be cured prior to his operation. I also spoke to Frank Trimboli knowing he is back at work on a much lighter work load. He will be making it back to the Club when his body is in better shape. We are all relieved that Frank has had the surgery he needed and trust he will be joining us very soon. I also called Wal McCulloch and spoke to Elaine. Hopefully, Wal will be home on Tuesday. He has done some damage to his teeth but the neck concerns have dissipated.

As for the happy and healthy Fredrik, our exchange student, he is gearing up for his induction weekend camp at Axedale, which will give him a chance to meet and mix with other exchange students.

We are progressing well with the Research Week Dinner to be held on 19th November next. We would love to acquire some items of interest/value that we could auction off to raise more funds. If anyone could donate a weekend at their holiday home, it would be appreciated as people like to be pampered these days with holidays and dining out.

August is membership month so we want to make a concentrated effort to ask and persuade people to come along to our evening meeting on the 20th and hear a very interesting speaker, Josephine Verduci, talking about Egypt and her Archaeology experience there.

I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday lunch.

Best wishes,

Angus Scott-Walker