Angus' Message, 20 August 2015

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

On Saturday morning Kathy and myself attended the inaugural Rotary District 9800 Success Seminar. We were pumped up by a number of great speakers including a keynote address from Dr Jonathan Welch, a musician and conductor who is the driving force behind The School of Hard Knocks which fosters choir activities on the Eastern seaboard of Australia. He has indicated he will try to compose a Rotary song. No guarantees but it might come to fruition at the Districts 9800 Bendigo conference in March next year. He believes that we should create members’ awards for those Rotarians who shine in their roles. We do have Paul Harris recognitions but we need to recognise members’ contributions at a Club endorsed level. Perhaps at the monthly board meeting we could decide on a recipient.

If you would like to see Jonathan’s inspiring work, he will be conducting a Choir of Hard Knocks at Federation Square – Deakin Edge, on September 12th at 3pm. It should be a great event.

The main thrust of the morning was membership and public image. We must strive not only to recruit more members but more women. It was interesting to find out that some of the women that leave Rotary do so because they are not made to feel welcomed or feel unappreciated. We must work harder in this area. Women are also very good at recruiting new members. Philip Archer spoke about acknowledgement of Club members by looking at classifications to see how we could target missing professions in the Club and how we should strive to get a new member a month.

Adrian Nelson spoke about public image and driving success, utilizing modern technology such as social media portals such as You Tube and Facebook. A little interesting statistic was that 90% of members don’t like asking people they know to join Rotary, whereas 10% don’t mind asking. So get the 90% to give names to the 10% who don’t mind asking!!

All in all it was a most informative morning that hopefully will result in an increase of members.

Last Thursday, at one stage, I thought we’d all be sitting at one table but luckily the troops turned up to enjoy a great meeting with Daniel Haile-Michael from Kids Off The Kerb, giving us a presentation about hist organisation where they give job opportunities to unemployed people in the recycling industry including white goods refurbishment and recycling.

This week’s meeting will an evening meeting with Josephine Verducci giving us a talk on her profession and her time in Egypt. Don’t miss this great opportunity and if possible invite some of your friends and potential new members, but let us know how many are coming for catering purposes.

Also, if you get a chance, it would be wonderful to visit Bill Hogg in Ardmillan House in Moonee Ponds. He’d love to see you.

Best wishes from Angus Scott-Walker