Angus' Message, 27 August 2015

Dear Rotarians & Friends,

Last Thursday we had our evening meeting with our guest speaker Josephine Verduci speaking about her archaeological exploits in Jordan. It was a most informative presentation with her objective of delving into the mysteries of the past of mankind. The evening buzzed because you all made that extra effort to bring your partner or a friend. I think we had an attendance of around 50, all of whom had a most enjoyable time of fellowship together with a great meal as well as a birthday cake dessert, provided for a very special member, Diane McGrath.

The Bulletin you’re reading is because of the efforts of this wonderful person and it is an award winning Bulletin of which we can all be very proud! I would like to see our members contribute to the Bulletin when possible. A trip with a special memory, an idea you thought the club could adopt, even a new project you think is worthy of consideration could be highlighted in the Bulletin.

Talking about contributions, I want to thank all of our sausage sellers who gave up their Sunday to help the club earn some well appreciated income at Bunnings Highpoint. Special thanks must go to the “Can Do” man of the club, Ron Hunt and of course, Kevin Fields. Our exchange student, Frederik, also received an Aussie education by doing his apprenticeship in sausage cooking. I’m sure his mother will appreciate his exchange experience. We might even give him a stint in the Croatian Club kitchen preparing a Danish feast for the members!

This Friday evening Kathy and I will be attending the Charter of the Rotary Club of Caroline Springs. I think it will be an exciting evening and it would be great if our other members could support it.

August is nearly over and we have not inducted a single new member. Vic University is on the horizon, as is Kathy Krawec, but really we have to focus on this goal. If you are not comfortable asking someone, pass their name on to Kevin Fields or myself and we will do the asking.

Finally, the Bendigo Conference 2016: We need numbers/commitments from members as of now, because the accommodation in Bendigo is diminishing due to the conference weekend clashing with the Madison Cycling and Athletics weekend, which is traditionally held on that weekend every year. It will be a great conference so I urge you to advise me of a commitment to be there.

Looking forward to another great lunch meeting on Thursday.

Best wishes,

Angus Scott-Walker

P.S. Bill Hogg would love you to visit him at Ardmillan House on Holme Road, Moonee Ponds.