Angus' Message, 4 September 2015

Dear Rotarians & Friends,

Last Thursday we had a lunchtime meeting. After our guest speaker, Gus Balbotin, had finished his presentation I felt our members were all very motivated and inspired to take the next step of finding younger members to inject youth and more energy into our Club. As Gus said, ‘Unless we inject our Club with younger talent we will struggle to continue as a viable Club.’ I see this being the case with so many ethnic Clubs like the Italian Club in Williamstown and Newport. The older members are fading away and the young are not replacing them. Unlike our club they are sitting on some valuable real estate.

At the cluster meeting of Presidents last Thursday, I was informed that 18 Clubs in our district do not have a President Elect. Some clubs do struggle to get members to become future Presidents... it’s a pity as it is such a rewarding challenge. With over-regulation of everything, it was brought to my attention there is a fundraising act and we have to be mindful of members’ privacy and our guest speakers’ privacy. We were also advised that if we can secure four new members by the end of October we are eligible for a $1000 incentive bonus from Rotary.

On Friday evening, Kathy and I attended the Charter of Rotary Caroline Springs. It was a great evening with no shortage of speeches. PDG Ross Butterworth is to be congratulated on working so tirelessly to develop this club. Murray Verso, the past District Governor, spoke of the bell that was commissioned for the 100th Birthday of Rotary International. It is a tradition now that the newest chartered Club is the custodian of the bell until the next club is chartered when it is passed onto the new Club. For the record it has 21 members including Peter Schultheiss, the former President of the Sunshine Rotary. He presented them with the Sargeants’ Bell and money box. An interesting concept that was raised was the idea of dropping the word Club from Rotary and using the word ‘friendship’ instead of ‘fellowship’.

As for our wounded members, I spoke to Wal McCulloch on Saturday; he is now home and is progressing. The teeth damage is quite severe so it will be a slow process for Wal’s life to return to normal. Carol Castano rang me to advise she is still a while away from returning as she has back problems and Danny has his hands full with his very sick father.

Best wishes,

Angus Scott-Walker

President 2015-2016

P.S. And remember what that Danish Carpenter’s wooden sign on his wall read: “Det bedste er ikke for godt” and the English translation is “Only the best is good enough”.

So do your very best to be a gift to the world.