Angus Message, 4 February 2016


Dear Rotarians and Friends

It was a great lunch meeting last Thursday, when Allan Warrener used Fredrik as his patient to illustrate the power of pressure Points and deep breathing. I am a great fan of Allan’s and his well being philosophy and I look forward to his presentation at the Bendigo Conference.

On the subject of Bendigo, it appears that everyone has found suitable accommodation. I’m looking forward to seeing some cycling during my time in Bendigo, time permitting!!

Later that afternoon I joined Fred Maddern for the Book Launch of the book: Nicholas Wyman’s Job U. Whilst enjoying the event’s hospitality I met a gentlemen called George who Fred had invited and I put the good word out on Rotary. I am hoping he can make the time to join us one Thursday to get a better appreciation of what we try to achieve.

Later that day I joined my fellow Rotarian Presidents at our Gateway Super Cluster meeting chaired by none other than the Assistant Governor, Colin Styles. We do have a busy future agenda with another “Keeping Our Kids Alive” Youth Ice and Mental Health Forum scheduled to be represented on the 24th May. We learnt a lot from our first attempt and the next one should be a marked improvement.

Also on the agenda is an information night on Domestic Violence. I read in last week’s newspaper that Don McLean, the past American Poet laureate is a serial offender. So it is interesting to realise that some people who appear angels in the public eye, morph into monsters behind closed doors. Alcohol can also be a contributor but some people seem to have a vicious latent personality.

There is a bowls night organised for the 11th February. To participate in this social evening with dinner, contact Gerard Mahoney from the Keilor East Rotary.

Finally, the change-over date for the 2016/2017 Rotary year will be a luncheon event on Sunday 26th June at the RACV Club, 501 Bourke St Melbourne.

See you all Thursday evening with a great speaker called Catherine Nguyen from Carbon Track together with a brief presentation on the International Women’s Day.

Your President Angus