Angus' Message, 10 March 2016

Greetings Rotarians and Friends

A great week we had... and another great week ahead.

On Thursday evening, our guest speaker, Past President Peter McGrath, enlightened us with his very interesting Rotary past. I could imagine him as Rotary Jungle Jim, with his machete hacking through the jungle with one hundred native women following him with their sheets of corrugated iron on their heads, whilst he lead them into a more opportune lifestyle. I can only imagine a colourbond ad with that scenario! How about one of the local females giving his red beard a tug because she had never seen red hair before!

Rotary has given Peter opportunities and travel experiences that have enriched his life. Much of what once was and what was achieved by our Rotarians, is nowadays so much more dangerous to do. I feel sorry for the nationals who miss out on this humanitarian aid. Thanks Peter for sharing your experiences with us all.

Back to now. On Sunday Ron Hunt, Jama Farah, Kevin Field, Suzanne Zammit, Graeme Thompson and myself acquainted ourselves with sausage cooking and business enterprises. We met at the Doug Mills Reserve to cater for the Walk West Charity Walk/Run Event. Whilst we did sell a few sausages, we would have liked to see more for the time and effort everyone put in, especially the fund raising guru Ron, and I know how much extra work is involved in the preparation. Ron you are a gift to the World.

News is out that the Victorian University Art Show is to be rescheduled to next year – Our Club’s 80th birthday year, as this year’s schedule date clashes with the Newport Substation Art Show.

We are just days away from our Bendigo Conference. Allan Warnerer is all hyped up to give his talk to the flock and if we can sell enough of his books, we will be filling our cash reserves up.

Julie Mason and her team have put so much time and work into giving us a great Conference this weekend. Thank you Julie and your helpers.

Finally next week’s Board Meeting is being postponed until the following Monday the 21st March as the 14th is a public holiday.

Enjoy the week ahead and hug someone you love every day.

Angus Scott-Walker President
Rotary Club of Footscray