Angus' Message, 17 March 2016

Dear Rotarians and Friends

The long weekend was District’s 9800 Bendigo Conference weekend and if you didn’t make it, you missed some great speakers.

Julie Mason and her team are to be congratulated for putting on the event. The weather was beaut, the speakers as I said were outstanding and the venue, ‘The Ulumbarra Theatre Complex’, was superb. Thank you Julie, you can now slow down a notch or three and enjoy the next final three months of your Presidency with the conference now behind you.

Our very own Allan Warrener did a magnificent job at the break-out session demonstrating and speaking about his research and practice on ‘Peak Performance Enjoyment & Wellbeing’. We sold a number of books at the Conference, however, it was a pity that Allan did not address the full house of 900 delegates as I thought would be the case. As a result we did not sell as many books as Allan had hoped. I am so proud of Allan’s presentation and the way he had his audience spellbound.

Next year’s Conference will be at Shepparton.

The major future Rotary Project now that polio has been conquered will be water and the provision of clean drinkable water. A wonderful challenge in view of the never ending expansion of the human population and the demands made on our precious water resources.

On the Monday following the Conference, as our Club’s attendees made their way back to Melbourne, a detour was taken to Fryerstown to Graeme and Joy Thompson’s little bush retreat for a delicious lunch. It was a lovely gesture by Graeme and Joy and was very much appreciated by all.

In conversations with our President Elect, Elia, I think we will be seeing some watershed ideas being put to the members, but I will leave the glory to Elia when he takes my baton.

Have a great week.

Kind Regards,
Angus Scott-Walker President
Rotary Club of Footscray