Angus' Message, 2 March 2016

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Last Thursday, we enjoyed the company of Moges Wosen and his Ozet Film Production on the Vice of Drugs, Alco- hol and Domestic Violence. We enjoyed a ‘teaser’ of the film which whet our appetites on these evils, which are quite common in our society.

While we have people on the planet, we will always have problems of some sort. The final 8% of the film has to be completed but requires further funding. I will be looking forward to seeing this film on completion. It’s great to see our new migrants working hard to forge a career in filming or whatever they put their minds to.

Also last week, our Cluster Group was active on Sunday, at the Moonee Valley Festival, selling sausages, with the aim of building up a war chest for funding some of the projects that have been initiated. I delivered our Footscray mobile BBQ on Saturday and retrieved it on Sunday; it has been of invaluable assistance for these occasions. It was great catching up with some of our fellow Rotarians.

On Saturday, Rodney had the Bike Giveaway Day and that was also a success. There is no better achievement in a youngster’s life than mastering the art of balancing on a bike, then getting the gift of a bike. The beautiful smiles on their faces says it all.

The program for the Bendigo Conference is out and it looks great. I am looking forward to spending more time with the Club Secretary that weekend and on the Monday will be enjoying a BBQ at Past President Graeme Thompson’s rural retreat at Fryerstown.

On the new member front, we have an application from Greg Lagamba to join the Club. Greg will be an outstanding addition to the Club. He has his own business in textiles, supplying cloth to companies who supply corporate clients including school uniforms, police and army uniforms etc.

With a bit more hard work and focus we can build the club membership up and ensure our future. This week’s speaker, at our evening meeting, will be none other than Past President Peter McGrath, who will be reflecting on his time with Rotary and his thoughts of what this organisation must do to remain relevant and thrive. It should be very interesting to hear what he has to say.

Have a great week.

Angus Scott-Walker President 2015-2016