Angus' Message, 25 February 2016

Greetings Rotarians and Friends

It’s been another busy week and a very successful one. I am very pleased with the growing attendance at our evening meetings. The quality of the speakers is excellent and I have to acknowledge Philip Caruso for his drive and enthusiasm in finding these guests. Last Thursday’s speaker was Walter Ibbs and he informed us about his role as a mediator in Family Law. The question and answer session was excellent. I feel that evening meetings are more relaxing than lunch-time ones as work for the day has finished.

We also welcomed Tony Le into our Footscray Rotary family and I believe he will be an excellent asset to the Club.

This Thursday Jama has organised a friend of his from the film industry to present a film he has just produced. I believe it is a great heart starter.

Closer to home, Wal McCulloch’s wife, Elaine, was admitted to Intensive Care last week but on Friday she was transferred out and to date is making a good recovery. We are hoping for the best result and I have spoken to Wal to convey my thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for Elaine. I know the whole Club is thinking of you Wal and Elaine.

On Friday afternoon I paid a visit to Bill Hogg at Andmillan House. It just about brought tears to my eyes to see a once very proud man now a shadow of himself, surrounded by people who just exist in body only waiting for father time to call them away. He appreciated me coming and I gave him our bulletin with his column in it.

Finally, Bronwyn Stephens from the Rotary Club of Melbourne South, has been nominated as District Governor for the 2018-2019 Rotary year. I have spoken to her offering our Club’s congratulations.

Have a great week.

Your President Angus Scott-Walker 2015-2016