Club Vision Program

  • Footscray Hockey Club 230 Fogarty Ave Yarraville, VIC, 3013 Australia

This year our club is in its 77th year of service to both our local and overseas communities however all Service organizations including Rotary are finding it difficult to determine how best they are able to meet the challenges of a changing world and how they can continue to attract members who wish to make a difference in the lives of others. Through the Visioning process participating club members should gain:

  • An action Plan and annual goals
  • Clarity for club members on “what we stand for”
  • A “vision” to which we can recruit and retain members.
  • Continuity in projects and decision making.
  • Confirmation of your relevance to the Community.
  • A larger and stronger field of club leaders.

Over the course of the session, members will review these broad range of club functions and play a part in determining how their club will evolve in the future.

At all times the club drives the process.

Prior to the session, all members will be invited to participate in a web survey which should take 30 minutes to complete and will benchmark where your club is at present in terms of measures against club management and satisfaction of members. A cross section of at least 15 of our members is required to attend the 4 hour session on the 26th so that the outcomes are representative of the entire membership, however as this involves the future direction of our club we would hope all members are able to attend.

During the session, participants will individually consider a vision for our club and this will be shared and documented. Priorities from individual visions will be summarised by members after the session, to be consider for implementation by our club.

During the session wind up, various tasks will be allocated so that the visions and priorities of members will be implemented. Following the Club Vision session, the club will present to the entire membership a summary of the session as well as a plan for the implementation of outcomes and priorities. The District Club Vision team also offers follow up support to clubs if they wish.

So that we can cater for numbers attending and arrange sufficient table settings can those members that are able to attend please advise John Davis by e mail by the 18th October.