Community & House of Friendship Fund

Fund History

The Community & House of Friendship Fund was formed out of the amalgamation of the two separate funds operated by the Rotary Club of Footscray. The House of Friendship was formed to provide for the elderly citizens of our locality. Daily hot meals were provided at nominal cost at the club rooms & in addition there were meals provided to the homes of those unable to attend the club rooms known as the “House of Friendship”. The establishment gave the elderly a meeting place & recreational facilities. The concept was so successful that it became a prototype for many similar schemes in Australia. In 1975, this project became part of the Footscray Council’s welfare programs within the community. 

In 1977, The Rotary Club of Footscray Community Service Trust was formed. Its purpose was to provide financial assistance to designated not-for-profit charities which have Deductible Gift Receipts (DGR) status from the Australian Taxation Office. Having two funds was deemed to be inefficient & the Club resolved to transfer the asset of both assets to the Rotary Club of Footscray Community Service & House of Friendship Fund.

Accordingly the Incorporated Trustee came into existence on 11 November 1994 and is now known as "The Rotary Club of Footscray Community Service & House of Friendship Fund Inc.”

How the Fund Supports Local Communities?

Rotary & Rotarians are committed to serving the community. This Fund provides vital grants to not-for-profit grassroots and charitable organisations. These groups deliver local projects that help improve the lives of disadvantaged people throughout the Municipality. We award grants to fund a diverse range of projects & activities focusing on those applicants which have DGR status. 

We are proud to have made a difference to many important services, which are provided within the community and in challenging economic times these organisations that we help to fund rely on vital assistance. It is with your ongoing support that we can contribute to aid & support this valuable work.

How can we help?

If you would like to help the fund assist those that are disadvantaged, people who have a disability, the elderly and those in need in our community please consider making a donation. This may be done by sending a cheque or money order payable to The Rotary Club of Footscray Community Service & House of Friendship Fund Inc.” to PO Box 469, Ascot Vale, Vic. 3032All donations over $2.00 are Tax Deductible & a receipt will be issued. Please include the following details:

  • Donation Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • PhoneNo
  • Amount being donated 

With the sincere appreciation of the Fund Committee.